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I am a successful athlete, triathlete and rugged trail running lover with a passion for nature, and its healing powers, encompassed in the term Shinrin Yoku, "forest bathing".

I believe my purpose in life now is to meet you where you're at in your wellbeing, and help you to heal yourself.  I am here to help you discover the innate inner wisdom each of us has, in order to initiate healing, to change your life.

I use an interdisciplinary approach to each individualized program, encompassing Yoga techniques, mindfulness, self-compassion, holistic nutrition and kinesiology to design my plans.

My own battles and gained insight from my journey of healing have gifted me tools of deeply compassionate trust and a genuine love for sharing what I've learned. I've risen from the depths of crippling self-hate, depression, anxiety, self-harm and deep lost sense of self.  I've watched my body adapt and react to my fluctuating state of mind throughout my journey, and have learned and am forever learning how to ride the wave.

I commit myself, 

To be in a balanced state of mind,

For it is in this state,

That my highest sense of self-development is possible.

My holistic approach views the various aspects of a being:

  • Spiritual

  • Social

  • Individual

  • Physical

My training plans are wonderful tools that are workplaces where we can collaborate in a safe space, in order to discover your inner trust, to understand the way our bodies communicate needs through craving; emotional expressions.  I believe in healing the causes of imbalances.  I believe that weight is information and a guide towards insightful shifts.  I believe the voice of our inner selves is wise, and has little tolerance for mistreatment of the body and mind.  I believe that we all deserve to have good poops, self-love, and rest.

My role in your journey in temporary:  I'll consider my job done when you no longer need my help.