Finding balance: move wisely, not necessarily more.

Work with me if you feel drained of energy, and out of balance.  Maybe your weight is off, you are exhausted, making food and life choices that you know deep inside aren't meant for you.

I work with neuromuscular adaptation; re-training your mind and body to work in conjunction with yourself to find your natural weight-set-point, and calm your nervous system so that you can move wisely, work your body in a way that promotes strength, flexibility, mobility and pain mediation.

What does this mean?

I design a fitness routine that trains your body progressively for training gains over time.

I eliminate diet confusion, encouraging information and calming your coping with food so that you are clear-minded so you can make the food choices that feel right in your body for nourishment.

I hope to let you see how you cope in life, and engage your calm peace of mind-state where you know exactly what you need and when you need it.  When we are stressed, we are disconnected from ourselves and confused.

Initial Consultation:

Skype and phone conversation options available.

  • 1 hour initial consult including documentation of history, health concerns, preferences, challenges and goals

  • Plan of action including but not limited to: training plan, session notes, movement guidelines and yoga instruction

  • Individualized recipe inspirations

  • Relevant resources and handouts

  • E-mail support between sessions

Program Fee:

Initial session (Includes action plan): $95.00 (60 min)

Additional follow-ups $60.00 (30-45 min)

Training Package

(includes Initial consult, follow up and plan of action: $150.00)

4-week Package: (includes 1 free session)

Initial Training Package + 3 follow-ups: $270

8-week Package: (includes 1 free session)

Initial Training Package + 7 follow ups: $510